Sunday, November 4, 2012

Portable WAPT Hacme Travel Setup

In this post, the last of setting up the Hacme Applications, Hacme Travel will be setup. Again its assumed Hacme Travel is setup on same XP system that the other Hacme Applications are setup on.

First download Hacme Travel:

There are no other prerequisites, but the SQL authentication mode must be changed to mix mode. The following article details the steps to accomplish this:

Open the Registry using regedit and browse to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\MSSqlserver\MSSqlserver\LoginMode. If the value of the key is set to 1 SQL is using Windows authentication. Change the value to 2. Close regedit and restart the SQL server.

With SQL prepared, next extract Hacme Travel and double click the install file. Accept the defaults, including integration with Hacme Bank. For the database setup select trusted connection, and when asked enter in an Administrator account and password for user management.

After setup is complete start Hacme Travel by clicking on Start, All Programs, Foundstone Free Tools, Hacme Trave 1.0, Start Foundstone Hacme Travel Server.bat. Once started you must use the Hacme Travel Agent client to connect. The Hacme Travel Agent is a windows executable that could potentially be ran from a remote system.

With the last of the Hacme applications setup there a couple of “house cleaning” items to perform to make the lab a bit easier to use.  In the next post I will cover these items. 

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