Thursday, June 21, 2012


2012 Mid-Year Update.

I haven't forgotten about the blog, I have just been busy. I am trying to better manage time and keep everything afloat, and seem to be failing right now. To get back on track I am doing a mid-year status check.

On the certification front, I passed the OSCP on my 2nd attempt. This time around I was more organized, focused and just overall better prepared. As someone who has taken a lot of certification test,  not failed, it was a shock. Once I regrouped, I sat the exam again and passed. I am still wanting to take a few more OffSec courses, but may not get through them this year. 

I have to pass the Cisco VPN 2.0 test to convert my CCSP to a CCNP Security in the next few weeks. I am torn about doing this certification, I dont do a lot of this type of work anymore, but I do occasionally, so I will go ahead and renew. In 3 years I have to take several  test to renew and may consider dropping the certification. 

One test that I thought was going to be an option was the GIAC Web Application Pen Tester (GWAPT), is in fact happening. I was able to take SANS SEC 542, which I hope to do a class review when I am done with the course, through SANS On Demand. I will probably take the certification in late August or early September. 

On the blog front, you can tell that I have not been doing a good job. I am gonna focus more on it over the next few months. I want to get more technical with the blog, like I had intended to and give people actual value.

For publications, I have only written one article so far but I hope to get a few more published. Not sure what I will write about but I will let you know.

On the python front, I am starting to use it more and more every day. So at least one of goals is starting to be accomplished :).

For the vulnerable ASP.NET app, well there is next year. 

So I know I am failing alot on my goals, but will redouble me effort to get them accomplished this year.
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